Thursday, April 06, 2006

Phish Food

AKA... "Why I love 2 year olds"

#5 is a vegetarian. She and the Grandmonster are currently living with us, and we recently cleaned out my "hobby room" (Yes, Brico... you should see it now!) and turned it into a play room for the kiddo. In that room is his TV, DVD player, his toys, books, a small fish tank with one fish and a futon. The other morning the Grandmonster was watching an Elmo DVD as his Mommy dozed on the futon. Suddenly there is the sound of water spilling and a groggy Mom trying to figure out what had happened...
The Grandmonster is holding the small fish tank, lowering it from his wet lips and now soaked jammies... he was thirsty.
With fish poop beginning to settle back into the rocks of the tank, #5 is frantically asking if it will hurt him or make him sick... No, he may poop extra if he drank a bunch, but I doubt he did.
After stripping the baby from his wet clothes, #5 begins looking for the fish and he is no where to be found, we look in the tank (which is very small, one of those plastic 3 gallon things), on the floor where the water has spilled... no fish. She turns to her son, the apple of her eye, and asks,
"Did you eat the fish?" and by now, my vegetarian daughter is beginning to lose all composure.
The naked kid looks at her, pats his tummy and says,
"Fish! Yummy!" without missing a beat.
He was in the shower, with freshly scrubbed teeth, as she was muttering something about 'discusting' over and over again under her breath, just as the fish finally imerged from the tank, safe and sound.
I was walking into the bathroom to tell her he had not had fish for breakfast as I hear her sternly telling him,
"Baby, we do not eat our pets!!"

PS... I quit taking a prescribed sleeping med a few months ago because I was gaining weight quite rapidly... we switched the pills and as of this morning I've lost 22 lbs, and am about back to my "normal" self!

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