Monday, March 06, 2006

Third Port, Mazatlan!

Hola` mi amigos! (See, I think I'm getting it, I could totally make a go of moving to PV... I'd blend in in no time!)
We woke up in port this morning... this was our view off the balcony:

As always... there is a welcoming committee:

As we head farther north, the cities are becoming more and more tourist oriented. The number of shops increase in the 'golden district' and the merchants are more 'salesmanie'. Everyone remains very friendly though and makes us feel very welcomed!

I'm stopping here... I just love Day of the Dead Dolls and I have to find one to take home!
Go on ahead, I'll catch up in a bit!

No matter what you like (unless it's electronic's... I see very little of that here), you can find it! The farther away you go from the tourist areas the less expensive it becomes. Dickering for a better price is not only expected, but it's part of the fun of shopping, don't you think?

Senior Frogs... Let stop and get a drink. Mine's a virgin margarita... boy to they give you funny lookes in Mexico if you want any kind of drink without alcohol... The guy at Senior Frog's was confused for a moment...

In the middle of a seeming concrete jungle, we find a small jungle of another sort...

Hey, check it out! Beach access! Let's go check it out :)
Even here, you can buy almost anything small enough to carry... and I do mean anything!
How about a doughnut?

The view across the bay...

The taxi driver said this is a disco! Imagine that on a Saturday Night!

The children playing on the beach are just so sweet!

This little boy made me ache to see the grandmonster... We will have to bring him next time...

The entrance to another outdoor market...

It's almost time to catch a taxi and head back....
Did you notice those white lines down the middle of the road? Yeah, I think they're called suggestion lines... I'd ask, but this taxi driver doesn't speak English, and I guess my Spanish isn't very good either!

One last set of shops at the pier...

Back to the cabin just in time to catch yet another beautiful sunset!

This place is magic!

Tomorrow is our last Port of Call. Cabo San Lucas.
We have been waking up at 11 or 12 lately (shut up, it's a vacation!), but Cabo is an early call and we leave Port to return to LA at 1:00. There may not be as many pictures because of the limited time... that is unless you set your alarm and come by and wake me up!
See you tomorrow!

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