Sunday, March 05, 2006

Second port... Puarto Villarta!

Seriously... I think I want to retire here! It is beautiful.
A little more urban than Manzinillo, there is even a Wal-Mart just off the Port.
Really this is heaven, husb has 8 more years till retirement and this looks like as good of place as any to spend our golden years...
Look, I already found a place to work!

I've made a few new friends...

The market on the boardwalk (the golden district) is amazing. The guys above told me they dance and party out here at night.

There is a Corona Beer church... I worshiped there faithfully for years!

This is one of my favorite shots:

Driving is a little scarey... no seatbelts in our taxi and the concept of lanes is merely a suggestion. Yet we've seen no accidents nor heard any sirens.

This was taken from a bridge partially under construction... currently being used as a footpath a block off downtown... amazing.

Street markets everywhere, this one was a little off the beaten path.
"hey, hey, hey amigo! My tattooed friend, come-in, anything you like? Today for you, almost free! Come in!"

Selling packets of chicklet gum for 10 peso's

Muy beautiful!

All of the streets were cobblestone... We didn't not see any paved ones.

When I retire down here, perhaps this can be my house?
You'll come to visit right???

Another favorite...

A lovely bunch of coconuts! Speaking of which, I'll try to get you some boobie shots on our last day at sea... all of the boobies are off the ship during the day while we have port calls...

Tomorrow Mazatlan...
Adios amigos!

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