Sunday, March 12, 2006

Perhaps I'm a Pasta-a-tarian

The restaurant is beautiful... dim lighting, candles on each table, couples intimately seated.
The waiter with the exotic accent pulls out my chair, places the linen napkin across my lap and hands me an open menu. The smells from the kitchen are amazing and the meals on other tables look wonderful, I give the menu a once over while the waiter tells of the day's specials and recommendations.
Fresh lobster, today special.
I love seafood!
I tell the waiter I think I'll go with the fresh lobster; he points out the lobster tank and offers me my choice.
I'm looking at the tank, searching for the perfect one, trying to pretend that the lobsters are not looking back at me. Their eyes, meeting with mine, pleading...
"Please lady, just have the salad"
Two of them are claw wrestling in a corner. Another is running back and forth across the front of the tank, it appears he in almost running on his tippy toes, lobster ballet.
I'm now wondering if the lobster are friends, are any of them related to one another?
We are seated in clear view of the tank, will the other lobster watch while I eat my dinner?
"Ma'am? The lobster?" The waiter patiently questions...
"No Sir. I think I'll take the pasta instead"
The kind waiter escorts me back to the romantic table; he is far too polite to roll his eyes....

I think I could be a vegetarian if it were not for having to eat all of those vegetables, perhaps one day being a carbotarian will become vogue...

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