Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let's hear it for pictures!

Tonights broadcast is coming from the Library on the 12th deck... I think it's my favorite room so far... My feet are up on a comfey sofa, shoes are off, music playing softly in the background as the ship gently rocks. It's like being in a womb.
Let's see, now that blogger is cooperating, where did we leave off?
Oh My! We had just had breakfast clear back in Portland...

Here we are on the plane, somewhere between Yreka and SanFrancisco... Still a ways to go before landing:

As we come in over LA:

On our way to grab the luggage before catching the shuttle to the Port:

Damn! We missed the shuttle and the next one isn't for three hours...
Let's take a cab!
(P.S. I own all of my children apologies for my bitching at their driving... you kids drive wonderfully and safely and I probably won't bitch at you for a while!)

Ahhh... we made it to the Port in plenty of time! Bags are tagged and a series of long lines await!

We made it to the cabin, here we have a balcony of our own, I can tell already, this will be a favorite spot!

The luggage hasn't arrived yet, being as we are pulling out of Port, I'm hoping it's somewhere on board!

This morning, kicked back, enjoying a cup of coffee. Oh did I say morning? I meant around 12:30 when I woke up:

Yeah... when I tourist, I do it all up!

Down by the pool... This is the "Men's best leg's contest"

An afternoon at the spa. First was acupuncture... I was missing needles. It was actually pretty cool! After that was a pilaties class, the lap pool, hot tub, sauna and a shower.
Tonight we dressed formal and had the best meal I've had in years at the French Bistro. It was heavenly.

Tonights sunset off the balcony:

Tomorrow we will be at sea all day again, I plan to take the camera on a walking tour of all of the decks to show you around the ship...
Right now?
Let's go hit the casino for a while!

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