Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Last Port: Cabo

How do you say Fuck in Spanish? Not the verb, but the exclaimation...
I took some beautiful pictures in Cabo and while editing I accidently re-formatted my card and lost every-god-damn-picture I'd taken. Piss, I guess we'll just have to come back again.
I can tell you about it though.
Cabo San Lucas is near the tip of the baja pennisula. It sit's in the alcove of a bay and water is what it's all about. The air is acrid and amid the palms is a generous sprinkling of cacti. The tropical gives way to desert, yet is surrounded my crystal ocean. Much of the coast line is in beach and while it is very commercialized, I think it retains it's authenticity better than Mazatlan. Areas are of course tourist oriented, but only a block off the main street... it is Mexico.
I took some pictures from the ship after we returned (we were anchored out a ways and boated to shore via a tender), thank God for a good zoom or I would have been empty handed tonight.

Click to enlarge... see if you can find the boat!

The towel pet waiting for us after dinner!

I miss you guys! I haven't been keeping up with you this week at all. Internet is slow because of the satalite and I am already near the end of my second 250 minute round of air time.
Tomorrow we are at sea all day and Thursday am we will be back in LA. By Late Thursday night we will be home again... I miss the kids and the grandmonster terribly, but I could also stay here a few more weeks.
More pics tomorrow of the ship (hopefully some bikini action for my fine friends, I mean afterall, that is part of the fun of a cruise too!).
Tonight is the chocolate buffet, I'm bringing a bib and the camera, if I get anything good, I'll put it up too!

See you tomorrow night :)

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