Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Last Day...

Today was very cloudy and cold... our plan was to sit by the pool, work on the tan and take pictures of the topless girls for you... but alas it was far too cold for that.
It has been a very bumpy ride back up the coast, last night and some of today we had gale force winds coming from the north... we are heading north. Some of the swells topped 12 feet... cool to watch from the bow end of the ship!

We'll be at the Portland airport in 24 hours...

This is what I have today.
Pictures from the chocolate buffet... it was amazing!

Out our cabin:

The entrance to the theater:

The Atrium:

A seat in the sports bar (one of several different types, but the view here was particularily beautiful)

OK... Pack it up baby, we are headed home!

A few things we've learned this trip:
* Never pay the asking price at an open air market.
* Buy Fire Opals south of Puarta V. I bought the most beautiful ring for $13. US
* People are amazing, no matter where you go...
* Heed the signs that say "watch your step". Husb broke the little piggie that "had none" yesterday... I should have gotten a picture of that, the colors in that toe are amazing today!
* Leave your wallet in your room when going to the casino.
* If you pass a long line of people, you are supposed to be in it.
* Sit back, relax... even though there is lots to do, it's a vacation!
* Never re-format your memory card if it has a days worth of pictures on it!

See you all at home...
I'll catch up with you over the weekend!
Thanks so much for coming on vacation with us, it wouldn't have been the same without you :)

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