Friday, March 10, 2006

Honey... I'm home!

Well we got home last night. It still feels like we are on the ship... our inner ears are swaying to compensate for the movement of the ship still... weird. It's a little like being drunk, without the buzz.
Last night we arrived to find snow?! In March, in Salem Oregon. It's supposed to go between snow and rain all weekend long. It never snows here this late in the year.
Well, I've got a ton of catching up to do on your blogs... I didn't get to read them while I was away, and it looks like I've got a million e-mails to sort through as well. Somehow I seem to have lost all of my bookmarks while on the ship, I was hoping they would come back once we got home (you know, by the magic of the internet), but like the Cabo pic's, they're gone.
If I have a secret blog address for you, could you e-mail it to
Now I've got some restoring to do, some unpacking to do and some blogs to read!

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