Saturday, March 04, 2006

First Port, Manzinillo Mexico!

I hear Manzinillo is a beautiful town, full of contrasts and wonderful people...
Grab your walking shoes and let's get off the ship for a while!

Shopping of every kind... some stuff I'm not familiar with...

Hey! Take a look at those buildings over there!

An open air market...

I fell in love with these gals... They are so pretty

Just beyond them is the water's edge... be careful, there's no fence and that's quite a drop!

I'm not sure what this says... but I won't do it!

Let's stop for a bite to eat!

Ooh... now those are nachos!

It must be time to leave... that tug is our escort out of the port...

Um.... so was this....

Tomorrow, Puarto Villarta!

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