Friday, March 03, 2006

First night at sea and the second morning...

I'm back in the library again... told you it was my favorite spot! Dinner was amazing, last night it was French, tonight: Pacific Rim. The food is amazing and everywhere!
I've got my sea legs at last, yesterday I couldn't walk a straight line, I kept bouncing off the walls as I walked down corridors. Yesterday you couldn't tell those who had had too much to drink from the rest, tonight it is more appearent.
Let's see, we left off yesterday evening, right?
Well, let's go for a walk and stretch our legs some...
Be careful by the cabins the halls are narrow. The wild carpet doesn't help with sea sickness at all. Today that's all good now!

Looking up from the Atrrium... did you see that stained glass ceiling?
Here, let's get a better look...

I just love the glass elavators!

At night, the pool is lovely, don't you think? Man, it's getting a bit chilly out here!

Now this is a little better, it's protected from the wind at least...

Dinner was amazing! With so many speciality resturants, it's hard to choose!

On the jogging track, it's almost cold. Here, lemme see that sweater. Thanks!

The pool again, from the other side... this is great at night, we practically have the whole place to ourselves! The sweater isn't quite enough this late, let's go back in...

Ah... the casino! It's much warmer in here! Let's stay here a while... Stay away from the quarter slots, I didn't win a damn thing in those last night.

It's been a full day and I'm sacked... no, you can stay at the casino a while longer. I'll see you in the morning!

I could wake up and look at this every morning! Water, as far as the eye can see (and not in the form of rain!)

Feel free to look around a while, I've got a 1:00 appt at the spa again... a facial this time! The spa manager already knows me on sight by name... I think I've been spending too much time here. Meet me in an hour or so... we'll go to the fitness club. There is another Pilates class, we can do some laps in the pool and unwind in the hot tub. Oh did you see the sauna in there? It's incredible, you've got to give it a try!

I heard there were whales at the bow of the ship... Oh look! You can see the water spouts. I tired to get a picture, but that didn't work out too good.

See the lounges? Did you bring your swim suit? Let's spend the afternoon right here and catch a tan...

Back in the cabin, just in time for another beautiful sunset!

Tomorrow we will be in Manzanillo from 10 till 6. I'll bring the camera. We had planned to go on a deep sea fishing trip, but the staff on the ship said it was cancelled because of the boat didn't pass inspection... just as well. I get sea sick. We will just wander around, we always find the best stuff that way anyhow!
Pictures of Manzanillo tomorrow night!

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