Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Break's Over! (I think...)

So I need some input from you, here's my dilema:
My business is located downtown, obviously I am very vested in downtown and feel that I am part of the local "flavor".
Downtown is growing so fast that parking has become a problem.
The city's proposal is to limit all on street parking to 2 hours and to limit parking in parking structures to 4 hours (leaving no parking for all day, which is f*%king stupid cause some folks just enjoy wandering around downtown).
Most of my clients spend anywhere from 1-3 hours on average and luckily we are located directly across the street from a parking structure.
Occasionally we have customers for large pieces who may spend 5-8 hours and of course they also spend several hundred dollars (so we love those customers).
My choices are to:
1. Wait it out and see what happens (with my thumb in my butt) :)
2. Move to a different location (there is a current tattoo shop that is moving, we could easily get into their place, but I would have to remodel, buy a car because I can walk to work now, and potentially lose customers in the transfer, but I would also be picking up some of the customers from the previous studio... overall though, it would be very expensive and time consuming)
3. Offer our long term customers a "ticket free guarentee" so if a customer is with us for more than 2 (or 4) hours and they receive a ticket, we would pay it (I'm guessing perhaps 4 or 5 ticket monthly at $15 each)

I'm leaning towards #3 as it will get some press (and yes, I believe any press is 'good press') a few other business are also on board with similar plans to not lose their long term customers and to avoid moving... also it's a perfect way to let the city know that "we" think of the parking (proposed) changes and they they cannot chase our customers away just because coming up with a workable parking plan seems like too much trouble/expense...

Fight or flight?

Other businesses that will be affected will be day spas, hair salons and bridal shops, just to name a few....

So whadda think???

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