Thursday, February 23, 2006

On a lighter note...

This morning (not last Thursday like I thought) the newspaper reporter and photographer showed up for the photo shoot. We are one of I think three families (there are only a handful of us) being featured in a newspaper layout on downtown living.
They took tons of photos of the loft, of the grandmonster and kids (#1,2 and 5) and of husb and I. We talked about the history of our loft as well as the advantages and challenges of living downtown. We got pictures of us walking the dog, taking the grandmonster to the park, of us taking out the garbage (yes, they asked us to do that so they could get pictures).
I am hoping this sparks an interest in downtown living to the point that the beautiful upper story areas above businesses are converted into living space thus increasing the quality of our downtown, which in turn effects the quality of the entire city.
What a cool thing to get to be part of :)
The article runs March 17 and I'll be sure to link it so you can check it out!

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