Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Johari Window...

I stole this from Osbasso, I usually steal the good stuff from him :)

It's a personality-mapping tool. I put in my description of myself, then you pick the traits you think describe me best. And then it maps self-perception and the perceptions of those who know me to see the crossover. Interesting idea. Begs the question of whether perception is reality, and if so, who's perception is reality.
Please visit My Johari Window and tell me what you think! Be honest, you can even be anonymous!

PS... Bricotrout made it safely! I only got to spend a few moments with him today... he and #5 are spending the first couple of days in Wilsonville (up I-5 a little ways), and the rest of the week in Salem. Unfortunatly #5 moved back home, and while the husb is basically cool with most stuff, he is making them hotel it at night... it's the "Dad" thing to do... Brico and #5 seem to be pretty cool with that, plus it does give them some alone time away from the parents. Don't tell him I said this, but so far, I'm impressed! He and #5 really seem to be a good fit, and he is just as awesome (don't repeat this) in real life as in blog life...
I'm looking forward to grilling him, ummm I mean spending some quality time with him later in the week ;)

Now go do my damn test (please)

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