Saturday, February 11, 2006

How do I spend my Saturday night?

It's really the first chance I've gotten all week tho. It will still be comfortably messy by the time Brico gets here. But by Thursday it's got to be presentable.
Who could be more important to clean for than Bricotrout you ask?
The newspaper!
They are doing an article on "Downtown Living" and a photographer is coming in on Thursday. They are going to get some shots of the shop too!
I'll do a link when it comes out, the reporter said it would be a couple of weeks... Probably the Sunday paper in the Homes section. No pressure...
I guess there will be three families featured, all are also downtown business owners as well. The idea is to interest more people in the economic benefits of living downtown as well as the community benefits of having a 24 hour presence down here. I'm also hoping it will help the city plan better for increased loft type housing, the parking challenges et al.
For those who don't know, I live in a 2800 sq. ft. loft in downtown proper above other downtown businesses. It was once a dance studio and our living room was the main dance room. It has hardwood floors, huge rooms, high ceilings and constant free entertainment just outside the front or back windows. My favorite part are the two skylights, one in the library and one in the kitchen.
I really do love living downtown... in our "yard" are some of the most beautiful parks, the best resturants and my personal favorite, shopping. There is a childrens museum, a mall, a post office, two parks and my job, all within walking distance...
Well I've procrastanated long enough... back to the dirty work!

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