Friday, February 10, 2006


Some words just want to be spoken...
Sometimes there are reasons why you can't say them on your own blog...
There is power in positive thoughts and the energy we send via our words, share your power with your friend and mine, the author of this guest post...

"I'm very proud of my daughter.

She's in the middle of a situation I'm supposed to know nothing about. What I see is that
she's sleeping at odd hours or for 14 hours straight. She's still getting most of her
schoolwork done, and she'd still hanging out with her boyfriend, and her personality is
pretty much the same, but there's a deep weariness that she carries at all times.

It turns out that several weeks ago, her boyfriend started a new medication for his ADD
that made him very suggestable. Along with two other boys, some gay-curious flirting
proceeded over the course of a few days to a full homosexual experience, with penetration
of some type. During the flirting, he told my daughter that he thought he might be gay,
and she told him that she could deal with that, as long as they were still friends.

It turns out that the instigator boy, who is also a friend of my daughter's of several
year's duration (and from a good family, too, I like them) is nearly an adult. He's more
than 2 years older than the boyfriend. The story takes an uglier turn: the boyfriend's
meds got to the right dosage, and he became horrified at what had happened.

My daughter encouraged him to tell his parents.

Things snowballed. Instigator boy got arrested, the State is trying him as an adult who
raped a minor. Everyone has been into the DA for statements. The entire senior class
hates my daughter, because the boyfriend had been so embarrassed he was going to try to
pretend the whole thing never happened, but instead "ratted out" the older boy. She has
supported her boyfriend at every turn as he comes to grips with these events.

Instigator boy gets out of Juvey... today, I think. I can't even imagine what it's like
at his house. I think he got arrested right after Christmas.

I CAN imagine what it's like at the boyfriend's house. It sucks, since his parents are
furious and are pushing for Instigator boy to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
law. Boyfriend refuses to allow this, apparently taking the (more mature?) view that
sometimes shit happens.

I can't imagine the pressure my daughter is under.

God, what have we done by over-sexing our culture."

My thoughts go out to your daughter, she is very strong. She did the right thing by incouraging him to talk to his parents. May the hearts of all involved find some peace.

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