Thursday, February 09, 2006

Am I just getting old?

Since when did people stop being polite on the phone?
At work, I've noticed that it is rare that people say "good-bye" on the telephone anymore. They stop talking and hang up. It's as though they are thinking: "I'm done talking now and there is no need to listen." I mean I realize we are a tattoo studio, but still... I feel like a dork saying "good-bye" into a dead line.

The wrong numbers crack me up. Our number is 588-6688. Salvation Army's number is 585-6688. Around Thanksgiving, the calls start, they begin to slack off when electricity bills drop in the spring. My three favorites are the while I've got you on the phone group and the one's who argue and those who just hang up.
Those call go like this:

Us: Addictions
Them: Hello! I need help paying my electric bill. It's getting turned off tomorrow and I've got 4 kids. The baby has a cold. Oh and do you have any food boxes left? I lost my job last Tuesday.
Us: No ma'am, you want to call 585-6688 and they can help you.
Them: Oh, who did I call?
Us: A tattoo and piercing studio. Our numbers are close.
Them: Oh! How much are belly button piercings?


Us: Addictions
Them: Who?
Us: Addictions Body Piercing & Tattoo
Them: Isn't this Salvation Army?
Us: No sir, you'll want to dial 585-6688.
Them: That's what I called!
Us: No, you dialed 588, you need 585.
Them: I know what I called, what is wrong with you people?
Us: You're right, sorry... This will be easier if you just come by in person.
Them: OK, now?
Us: How about 2:30?

The hang up's go like this:

Us: Addic, (click), we hang up. To customers in the store it sounds like we are saying "A Dick!" then we promptly hang up the phone...

Well that's all that is on my mind tonight.

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