Monday, January 02, 2006

Why I would never want to be young(er) again...

Some things just come with age, there are no shortcuts. I wouldn't trade these things if the chance were possible...

1. The hills are less steep. The greater life's highs, the lower the valleys. It is actually very nice to have a little less drama and a little more predictability.

2. Self esteem is less painful. I am what I am. I know what I see when I look in the mirror and I am far more concerned about my own opinion of me, and far less concerned about the opinions of others.

3. Invest well. Investments in people have a far greater pay off then investments in things.

4. Less trauma. Things I would have found devistating in my 20's are now challenges to work through. Very few things are truly devistating.

5. Wax and wane. Life has it's ups and down's, after going through many of both, you know that life will get better when going through a rough patch. This knowledge makes the rough patches easier.

6. Pros and Cons. With experience you can see the con jobs from a mile away... I used to allow myself to be manipulated because I wanted to be liked (loved, accepted), it pays to see the cons like a pro. Life is too short to waste on being used.

7. Slow down or you'll miss life's simple pleasures. Having indulged in many of life's pleasures, both small and large. The small pleasures are often the most satisfying.

8. Finding Mr. Right. Finding Mr. Right largely depends on my willingness to be Ms. Right. You can only change yourself, you cannot hope to change others, the closer you are to the person, the truer this is. When things are tough, look inward, improving yourself is much easier than trying to make someone else improve.

9. Speaking up, shutting up. With age you learn what to stand up for and how to speak your mind in a constructive, effective way... you also learn when it's best to just 'let it go'.

10. Breathe in, breathe out. There is no need to get stressed over every little thing, most things work themselves out with little interference from me.

It's funny... it seems only like yesterday when I knew everything, now I feel that I still have so very much to learn...

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