Friday, January 27, 2006

Sometimes you're the bug, but not always...

I began a story a few days ago (down two posts) called 'the rise and fall of an alcoholic'... I plan to write part two tonight or tomorrow morning. Before getting into the "meat" of the story I just wanted to share some experience with you...

I write about this for a few different reasons:
1) Because it happened, because it is part of who I am and a large part about how I arrived at this point in my life.
2) Because others have either been there and think they are alone, or are there right now and don't know if they can get out... hopefully sharing this will help.
3) Because if you stick around life long enough, roles can change. Some times we are the abuser, sometimes the abused. Some times we are the helper, other times we need help. We all justify things, but we are not the good guy nor the hero in every scene in our life. And as much as we would like to deny that... it too, is part of life.

When I first decided to write about parts of my story (sidebar for other parts), I told readers that there were parts of my story that may disappoint the reader, that didn't show me in the best light... that may even piss the reader off at me, and yet those are all part of who I am today, I just took a path that was not the most effecient, but I am here nonetheless.

I do not believe that we are the sum of the mistakes we have made, but we are the sum of how we respond to those mistakes. We are not the sum of how many times we have waded through the mire, but of how many times we've stopped, and reached our hand back to help someone else through as well.

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