Saturday, January 07, 2006

I've been more of a reader this week...

So I'm still suffering from a lack of time... my other piercer is out of town this week so I'm picking up her days. I'll get even with her in March though, we are planning a trip to Mexico.
Mariachi Band
I was going through my sidebar friends and family and realized how much I need to update it... perhaps on my next day off.
Aside from reading my sidebar and bookmarked family and friends, I have found the time to poke around a few new blogs, some I stumbled across here or there, others were "next blogs". A couple I've bookmarked, not because the blog owner and I are like minded, but actually the opposite... I've recently ran across a few that were the written equivelent of a car accident, you don't want to look, but you cannot look away. I'm all over free expression, this is why I blog, but every now again you have to wonder if people really believe what they write, or if they simply write for a reaction (not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that). It just facinates me though. Generally when people read my blog, and on those occasions that I write something meaningful (to me), I am sharing a deep part of who I am.
Written in some of the blogs that I do not understand, are pages and pages of hate and misunderstanding (in my opinion), of anger at the world in general and of extreme bias against mankind... I have to wonder if that is their reality as well.
Just out of curiosity...
What percent of what you write reflects who you are?
What percent of what you read (in blogdom) do you believe is reflective of the author's day to day reality?

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