Friday, January 20, 2006

HNT Re-cap and other news...

Answers to a few HNT questions...
First off thanks for the comments on my love handle! I've got one on the other side as well... again, safety first :)
Those are my favorite jeans!
As for #5's lip piercing, Nope they really don't hurt, not if they're done right (and #5 is pretty tough, we didn't raise any weenies). No anestetic, not even topical.
And Brico, it's not torture, she actually likes it!

On to other news, #5 and the grandmonster are officially moving back in with us for a while. She was fired for the stupidest thing... she went to work with the stomach flu (they have a very strict attendence policy) and thought perhaps they would send her home ill, thus avoiding a write up for calling in sick. So she starts to throw up in the waste paper basket and her boss told her she would fire her if she went home. #5 hung in for another hour or so and told the boss "do what ever you've got to do, I'm going home". And they fired her.
This proves my theory that bull shit makes great fertilizer though because she's decided to go back to school (trade school for Pharmacy Tech) so she can get a job that's "real". She starts classes the end of the month, so the timing was really perfect and the circumstances leading up to this was enough to push her back into school... She's too smart not to do something better with her future...

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