Wednesday, December 21, 2005

HNT Christmas wishes!

On my christmas wish list is a new car for Deb, her current ride is giving her a bad time right now.

I would send Belly a pleasant diversion to take her mind off of everything else for a while.

And for Osbasso, a secure place to keep the private HNT collection in, you know, the one that doesn't exist.

For the scoop on this weeks Christmas HNT go see The Boss...

Edit: *deb* In virtual gift land, your wish is my command! I think they were having a two for one sale and his twin is waiting in the back seat of the car for you!

*brico* #5 is loaded up with IRL presents, but the AFLAC is an incredibly good idea (she's already double insured)

*for everyone wondering about the combination to Os's gift.... I gave it to husb, who assures me that he put it in a "safe" place!

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