Saturday, December 17, 2005

Grandson... good imagination or psychotic break?

So the grandmonster and I are playing with his brio train set... he loves trains. The grandmonster is also learning the concept of sharing, since he will likely remain an only child, he needs to have a grasp of sharing before preschool. He does have some cousins he gets to practice sharing with on his Mamo's (grandma on the otherside) side.
Anyway we are playing train, the brio box is nearby with a full color picture of a little boy playing with the same train set.
The grandmonster notices this picture on the box and immediatly wants the boy on the box to "share" the train set that he is playing with. At first he asks the boy on the box to "share, share, share"? The monster becomes so agitated that the boy on the box won't share that he's shaking the box and yelling: "Share, SHARE, SHARE"!! The only thing that would calm him was me putting the box into "time out". So now the box is sitting quietly in the corner, the boy on the box is still selfishly playing with the picture of the train.
I am certain the behavior is genetic from his father's side of the family...
No one I'm related to is that weird.

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