Friday, December 23, 2005

Be Thanks.... this one is for Bobby, where ever you are!

In any City or Town, in any State, you will never find a more eclectic group of people than those found downtown. There are the workers, the shoppers, the residents, the rich, the poor and the homeless. They seem to mingle side by side in appearent peace, such is the downtown of many a city.
Panhandlers are a frequent site, some are in desperate need, others bind together and work corners with the organization of a corporation, some do it to get through the holiday, others do it to get through the day. Occasionally you will find an artist, or a saint made up to look like someone in need, beware that some who appear to be needy are cleverly disguised givers, even becons of kindness and light.
Meet Bobby.
Bobby could be found in a particular bus shelter just across from the mall, directly in front of the old Wells Fargo Bank, now vacant. His Crayon paintings spread on a bench for public display, custom art always available on request. Each work of art is a steal at only a dollar each and the customer can choose between a wonderful variety.
Bobby was always clean and cared for, if you didn't count the tobacco stained beard. He always had a kind word for everyone, especially those who could spare a moment to sit and chat, as we did, but now it doesn't seem that I took the time nearly often enough. He lived in some kind of group home and drew a small social security check, the proceeds from his art funded the extras like cigarettes, bus fare and art supplies.
Last Christmas the kids and I bought and wrapped art supplies as Christmas gifts to Bobby, he was so excited, and a tear sprung up to blur my vision of him unwrapping his gifts. He insisted we take a picture "on the house" and I put it proudly on my fridge which was often graced by Bobby's art.
Over the summer it was appearent that his health was rapidly deteriorating and he blessed the bus shelter less and less frequently with his art... in early fall, we heard that he had passed away.
I just wanted to give Bobby a big shout out this Christmas, I'm hoping he has an infinate supply of constantly sharpened crayons, and that his art still contains the words of wisdom that mine does. The one we got last Christmas that is still on my fridge.
Be Thanks...

This Christmas, I wanted to share a slice of Bobby with you and to ask that all of us take just a moment to simply "Be Thanks" during this holiday.

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