Monday, December 19, 2005

#36, Believe it or not, this is the short version...

Sis B (my least expensive daughter, therefore, often my favorite) recently asked me about #36 on my 100 list. Part of the 100 reads like this:
34. I’ve never had a moving violation
35. I’ve never been arrested
36. I met my husband in jail
15 years ago I had a very VERY short, horrible mistake, marriage. It lasted about a month and was annuled, therefore it doesn't really count. "The guy" was a bit crazy, really. Like he thought the imperfections in the ceiling was proof the upstairs neighbors were spying on him for the police, who followed him everywhere, undercover (in his head) kind of crazy. I'm not proud of the way I left, but I packed my kids and what ever would fit in my Subaru Justy and moved from Washington via Missouri to Oregon to start over again, in hidding. I left while he was at work. My first profession was as a nurse, crazy guy thought I might end up in Salem and came here, trolling the parking lots of medical facilities looking for my car. He found it, broke into the facility and trapped me in a patient's room, police were soon involved, blah, blah, blah. This was early February. On Valentines day, he took out the creepiest sweetheart ad I've ever seen so I quit my job, started using my first married name and sold the car.
I applied for a job at the most secure place I could think of, the county jail.
Much to my surprise they called for an interview. I was interviewed by the admisistrator and the charge nurse... Wm was the charge nurse. I noticed him right away, felt a stur and did the normal chick thing, checked for a ring. There wasn't one. I passed the interview, but was terrified about the background check, their reputation is of being very thorough and I had applied using a name that was not legally mine. Somehow I slipped through the cracks and got the job. At work I was safe behind locked doors. The county jail shares it's location with the county sheriff's substation so I had cops around all the time. For someone not comfortable with cops, this seemed like the best solution.
I thought husb was a jackass at first, he didn't have two words for me because I was new. His instructions were to follow him, but to stay out of his way. That first day we had a "man down" in segregation, he heard it on the radio and took off running. It was a drug overdose. He didn't say a word to me, he just took off, so I ran after him, he barked out orders like a drill sargent. I was impressed with the skill that he single handedly handled the situation though. The first time we had to respond to a pepper spray incident, he instructed me to take a deep breath when we entered the pod, I couldn't breathe normally for a half hour after that, he laughed his ass off. Even though he didn't wear a ring to work he spoke often of his wife and kids. The first crush wore off, I aclaimated to working at the jail and after some time Wm eventually began to treat me like a person. Eventually we became friends at work... we did not socialize outside of work though. After about a year of working together, my life had finally smoothed out. Except for one scare, crazy man moved on. The scare occured soon after starting work at the jail and I was reading TB tests for a new batch of sheriff's. Another nurse mentioned my first name, he asked the nurse if my last name was "Mrs. crazy" and my heart stopped, the nurse however never knew me as "Mrs. crazy" and she gave the sheriff my psudo last name. The sheriff replied that they had been looking for me. I read the TB tests and never said a word that would give away that I really was Mrs. crazy. I never did find out what that was about.
We had been working together for just over a year and one day he told us that he was in a mood, his wife just left him. We talked a few days later, I guess they were not married, but they had lived together for sometime... I remember telling him that she would come to her senses soon enough and all would be well again soon. I had also been casually dating someone, I broke it off, if Wm was going to be single, I wanted to be available (women can be so manipulative sometimes). Eventually we began to flirt, then little notes were passed back and forth, cute little e-mails. I kept thinking he would soon ask me out. That never happened. One day he gives me this coupon for a massage after work (I worked eves) with a map to his house. I drove out there that night and I think it scared the piss out of him. He answered the door and asked "hey, what are you doing here?" I said "nothing" and headed back out to my car. He stopped me, and I spent the night.
And the rest as they say, is history.
For a weird convoluted way to meet, in the end we are just your normal average American family...

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