Monday, November 07, 2005

Top Secret Dog!!!

So another blogger brought up a valid point about our proposed get together...
Do we really want every weirdo with a computer to know a bunch of us are meeting and where?? We really should keep this between the weirdo's involved...
So I've set up another blog that is not published on to set up our travel plans on... Any blogger-HNT'er who want the address, please e-mail me and I'll give you the URL. There really is no super safe way to do this, but if we don't publish the address and only pass it between ourselves via e-mail (mine is in my profile), then we can keep it just between the few hundred of us!
The new blog will have plans, suggestions and future polls on it so drop me a line and we'll meet up over there!
Cuz, you all need one more blog to read huh?

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