Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To the Editor:

I write letters to the editor of our local paper often enough that if I haven't written in a while, they call to see if I'm OK.
Today's big deal is downtown parking. Except for marked spots, parking downtown is free and is all day with the exception of downtown residents and employees. For those, there are specific parking provisions. Free customer parking is paid for by downtown merchants in the form of a quarterly parking tax. I live and work downtown, thus I feel very vested in issues that affect my community.
A beautiful new conference center opened up downtown and now there is a parking crunch. My solution: Build up the parkade directly across the street from the center and have designated conference parking, it is already approved to expand upwards by three more levels. The city's solution, don't allow people to come downtown to shop for a period of longer than 2 hours. Surprisingly, many of the merchants who's customers have difficulty finding parking also support this insane theory.
Today I wrote to the editor about my concerns:
Limiting the parking time will kill Christmas shopping for downtown merchants, it will force a number of business's that provide services that take longer than two hours to relocate outside of downtown (tattoo, day-spa, hair color/perm), and do we really want to tell our downtown customers to "come on down for a minute, then get the hell out!" just before Christmas???
Unrelated to the letter, only hours after sending it, who shows up at my door? My favorite newpaper reporter (who even knows how to spell my name without asking) wanting my opinion on the subject... whoa, was that a mistake, I'm sure he will have to re-word my quote of "how fuckin' stupid is that?"
Right now I'm double checking my insurance coverage because I'm sure that my newspaper rant is not likely to endear me to my neighbors who have good intentions, regardless of how misdirected their solution is....

Husb is now pushing me to run for mayor... I doubt I'd even make city council after the last meeting I attended. I apologized for my nervousness, and then explained that I was picturing them all naked... it was televised.

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