Friday, November 11, 2005

Thinking out loud...

I feel out of sorts... like maybe I'm coming down with something. Generally I'm a big baby when I'm sick. I'm bitchy and I'm critical when I don't feel good. I hate that. No one is home, the TV is off. Silence rebalances me. I've been catching up on blogs, but because I'm not really good company tonight, I haven't left many comments.
One of my favorite solitary things to do is to flip through the blogs of people I haven't met yet by hitting "next blog".
Digressing a bit... I've found that when I am looking for 'nothing' is when I am most likely to find what I need to see... Tonight one of the first blogs I ran across belonged to a young woman. She was beautiful, educated and full of rage and hate. I'm not one to be critical of another's blog content... but I wonder why I found this particular blog tonight and why if affected me the way it did. I wonder what I have been harboring inside of myself, I wonder if I was looking into a mirror of sorts and perhaps that is why I haven't been feeling like myself of late.
I think it's time to light a candle and spend some time meditating on fixing a few things just under my own surface. I can't fix anyone except myself... tonight I need to spend some time with my spiritual mechanic...

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