Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Daughter is Psychotic...

Did I spell that right?

The weather is miserable, cold, dark, rainy. I'm working today and daughters #1 and #2 are babysitting the grandmonster for daughter #5.
Daughter #1 is with the monster, daughter #2 is supposed to drive to the coast today for something work related and take daughter #1 and the grandmonster with her... I said no way... the grandmonster has been sick and he doesn't need to be out there in this.
I was sending a text message to daughter #5 (the psychic, there, that's spell't it better that time) and the text message read:
"#2 has to go to the coast today and wanted to take the monster, but I told her she couldn't take him... it's icky outside."
After typing the message but *BEFORE* I sent the text, daughter #5 beeps in with the following message...
"Good, try not to take him out today."
She and I do that ALOT!!!
We could save a fortune on text messaging if we could do it like that all the time!
Crystal Ball

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