Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lifes little messages

My Medium is in my town once a month or so... I tried scheduling some time with her, but was told she was full, so I scheduled for December instead. Yesterday I received a call from the place she is scheduled to read at saying she has a cancellation and would I like some time with her this month...
Because I've been out of sorts the last few days and because I do not believe in coincidence, I accpeted the offer.
I saw the Medium tonight and as always, it was filled with little miracles.
It is dark, chilly and rainy tonight. I enter the building and sit for my reading. Renee never asks questions, she just states what she sees... the less I offer her, the better the reading. Immediatly she asks if I have been feeling disconnected and out of sorts lately... I have... I feel like I'm coming down with something, yet I'm not sick... it's just that weird spacey feeling. She says some negaive energy attached to me from someone who came into the shop a few days ago... we cleared it and I felt much better right away. The reading continued, nothing of much interest to anyone other than myself, but it was good. I waited while daughter #2 also had a short reading.
The store where I am has a small sitting area made of two small sofas across from one another... I sat on one, a homeless woman who had been pushing a shopping cart with all of her possessions came in from the dark, cold night and sat directly across from me.
The woman began having quite the animated conversation with the unseen as those in the store exchanged knowing looks... the old lady is nuts. The woman's words were so garbled that no one understood a word she said, it was clear she spoke her own language to whom ever was in the empty space beside her. The store clerk soon asked everyone to step outside so the clerk could go outside to smoke... it was obvious the clerk was looking for a tactful way to get the "crazy lady" out of the store, she used the excuse of needing to lock the store during her smoke break. Outside, the old woman huddled by her shopping cart, sitting on the cement, trying to keep dry under the building overhang. The old woman chattered on and I looked at the store clerk and quietly asked "Now who do you think is crazy? I just paid someone to speak to people I cannot see... she (I nodded towards the crazy lady) seems to be able to communicate with them just fine." The clerk chuckled and did that little eye roll thing.
Just loud enough to be heard above conversation and clear as a bell, the crazy lady began to sing: "You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around... That's what it's all about!"
Have you ever noticed my Hokey Pokey thing in the side bar?
It's kind of a theme with me...


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