Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How much therapy will this take?

Poor Baby...
The grandmonster LOVES Elmo... so it only made sense to get him the deluxe Elmo costume for halloween! The costume goes on like sleeper jammies and the hood is Elmo's head. He loved Elmo, kissed him, carried him around by the neck... but everytime we tried to put him in the costume, he freaked.
I think he thought Elmo, his very best friend, was trying to eat him.
Last night, daughter's #2 and #5 decided that IF they could just get him into the costume, he would see that it is OK... well, he wasn't OK at all...
It seemed the hands were particularily bothersome to him, so being a helpful grandma, I carefully amputated Elmo's hands with sissors (while the little guy was wearing the costume), it was a very VERY bad idea...

He really didn't need the candy anyway.Trick O' Treater


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