Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good things come in big packages!!!

It was starting out as one of those days... Husb just changed shifts back to days for a while, which upset our babysitting schedule a little. Now the plan is for me to go into work around 1:00ish instead of noon (one of the benefits of being self employed is the ability to be flakey). Daughter #2 gets off work at 1:00 and takes the grandmonster and then I go to work, but today someone called in sick and she was held over... so I'm going to be later than my "normal" late. I've already gotten a call from the shop: J (an old tattoo artists who moved to Calif) was in town and had come by AND I had someone waiting already, so if I could please hurry...
I finally get down there around 2:00 and am told that my first person is waiting in my room... which already makes me feel pressured to play catch-up. I drop my bags and head to the back.
And guess who my first customer of the day is?
Osbasso! Smile on face, camera in hand and Montana gifts, edible ones, my favorite!
I HIGHLY recommend being a landmark hit on someone's counter!
It was such a wonderful surprise, and a surprise it was!... Os is the second blogger I've met in real life and it is such a cool experience, it's like meeting someone you already kind of know!
He is wonderful and warm and gives the best hugs EVER!!! Makes me wish I lived in Montana, except I'd have to give up the Oregon rain, and I just couldn't do that!
We called and talked to Kalani, who knew he was going to be stopping by, and it was kind of a reunion of sorts!

So Os, welcome to Oregon, I'm soooo glad you made your way down in our wonderful Oregon fall weather!!! You just made my day today!
...and I won't tell about that new tattoo, if you don't...

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