Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blogging Family

I have a unique relationship with my blog... like many of you, I use my blog to vent, to share my secrets on, to tell my story in (side bar) and to be honest with in a time when life requires me to put politness before honesty all to often. The unique thing about me is that much of my family blogs as well and we read each others blogs. How does it work? We have an unspoken rule... In blogland we are friends who support one another and what happens on the blog, stays on the blog... So far it works! I don't think many of us really feel like we need to hold back while in blogland, I try to give my blog all of the honesty I posess, and from that seed, MANY very cool things have blossomed.
If you don't know who's who, I won't specifically point it out, because guessing is part of the fun, but currently I have one parent, one aunt, one sister, two cousins and two daughters who blog... and these are blood relatives, I have adopted many sisters, brothers and children since I began blogging as well, whom I love like they are my own...
Anyway, I have a new blogger family member to introduce, meet Patti, she is a vital part of my family as well. Patti is husbs ex wife (I think that makes her my wife in law), she is the Mother of three of my children, she is a second Mother to my daughter and she is one of my best friends IRL...
If you get a chance, stop by and tell Patti "hello"!

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