Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why I write about "the girl"

The girl that I write about has a name, she is called Emmy. She grew up too fast, but taking things in stride the way children do, she didn't mind at the time.
I have been spending alot of time lately with little Emmy and I am finding that she has a voice... she has stories she wants to share, and talking about these things gives her peace. As this child gives up the parts of her that had to be an adult too soon, it makes room for the child that is still in her; it gives her room to run and play. No matter how long it's been, she is entitled to an enjoyable childhood.
I could write these stories privately, but this child has been quieted for far too long, so now I am letting her speak out loud.
The second reason I write these stories and publish them here is to hopefully offer some universal perspective. No one is exempt from tough times, and the things that Emmy has been through are pretty mild compared to some.
As a writer, as the author of Emmys story, I hope to let others know that there is nothing special about Emmy or the woman she has become. Difficult times are temporary, they can be put to rest. Having the desire to heal is the only thing that is necessary for healing to begin.
I am Emmy's author just like you are the author of your own story. While the author cannot control the script of others, the author has absolute control over the main character in their lives...
All stories eventually end, and one day I will write a very happy ending for little Emmy, what kind of ending will the story that you are writing have?

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