Friday, October 21, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...

My grandson and I have a deal, when he is here in the morning we will watch Sesame Street and I will not complain, afterwards we watch Montel Williams and he will not complain... We snuggle on the couch in our jammies, he has a sippie cup of milk and I've got a huge cup of coffee, we play footsie under the blankies and sing the itsie bitsie spider (still working on hand movements) during commercials.
Yes my life is heavenly!
Today on Montel was an interesting story... it reaffirmed my own beliefs and made me think about when my youngest was my grandson's age. MMD was an early talker (imagine that) and from the ages of 2-4 she would tell me the most fantastic stories about "when I was old before" or "when I was a grown-up before". I wish I had paid more attention to those stories or realized their significense (sp?) at the time.
One of the parts that interested me the most was little James talking about his parents... He had told his parents he choose them because he thought they would be good parents, he even went on to tell them about a vacation his parents had taken, before his conception and said that was when he picked them... He described the big pink hotel they stayed in on that trip.
The thought of choosing your parents, about it not just being a random spin of the genetic wheel... Talk about taking responsibility for your own life, huh?
I think we choose our parents because as parents they have the greatest influence over how we are raised, I think maybe we choose them for the challenges they will bring us and for the spiritual lessons we can learn by being raised a particular way.
By the same token, our children choose us... I learned along time ago that our children do not "belong" to us, we are mearly their earthly guides. Having watched my own children grow up, I firmly believe they will grow into the people they were meant to become, regardless of the silly parental mistakes we make along the way.

More than anything this belief has taught me to listen to children, that we have much to learn from them before they forget the wisdoms they were born with in the mindless thoughts of day to day life which leads us all to forget what living is really all about....

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