Sunday, October 09, 2005

Imagine, if you will...

Take a moment... I'd like to share a feeling with you.
Imagine, if you will, being born blind and deaf. You are a baby who grows into a child who learns how to manuver in the world, who becomes an adult who is a productive member of society. You've never known anything different and while those around you try to explain what you are missing, you have created your own beautiful world that lacks nothing. Everything in your world is balanced and you feel whole.
One day you run across a miracle... your path crosses with that of a physician who says he can perform a surgery and give you sight, you were not seeking the surgeon, the surgeon finds you. The surgery is successful and suddenly you can see! You had never felt you were lacking anything before, but now you literally can see what you had in fact been missing.
This was the power of the experience I felt 9 years ago, when I met my sister for the first time. I never knew what I was missing until we found each other. At first I was afraid because I thought meeting her would be like meeting any person whom I do not know... I feared having an obligation to actually like her. But from the moment our eyes met as she walked off of the plane, I knew she was mine, that I now had a vital missing part... I was more complete.
One day, while enjoying the sights, you happen to cross paths with the doctor again and he says there is a new technology to restore your hearing. You are happy, you feel blessed to have your sight and you wonder if you should tempt fate again. But you take the chance and have the surgery. The surgery again is a success and now you can hear all of the wonderful sounds that you had never even known to miss. Finding my brother (it's been a month now) has been like gaining something vital while never missing it previously. We've exchanged a few e-mails and will hopefully be meeting face to face soon. Even though I've not yet met this man, we are already connected in a way that cannot be explained... the three of us now, and perfect triangle, sturdy and whole.
Knowing what's been missing without having sight and hearing... leaves one wanting to get out of the wheelchair. I am going back to that fine doctor again in hopes of finding other lost pieces of me that I'd never known to miss.
I'll blog more as there is more to blog,
Thank you for sharing this journey...

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