Sunday, October 23, 2005

He wouldn't let me take pictures...

But when I left the hospital tonight, he looked pretty much like this:

(Note: This is not the actual husband since he was stingy about letting me take pictures, I had to steel this from google)

Yes, tonight is Wm's sleep study, he should be home bright and early in the morning after a refreshing nights sleep. I mean who wouldn't rest well in that fancy get up?
Poor guy!
I really think that finishing the sleep study and being able to rest well will most likely end up saving his life... How you ask?
When one is sleep deprived they are more likely to make mistakes, have an accident while driving or suffer from irritability from lack of purposful sleep. Studies have shown that people with marked sleep disorders are more prone to serious problems such as heart attacks.
Most importantly and much more likely to kill him is his wife placing the pillow firmly over his face when he snores just to stop that gastly noise! As a life saving measure, he is complying with the requested sleep study.
Now some may say I'm selfish for sending my husband in for a sleep study just so I can get some rest, I prefer to think of myself as being a realist...
The reality is that he has adapted such that my gentle poking, hitting, kicking and flickering the lights off and on no longer has an effect on him, thus I am only left with more lethal forms of silencing him... and I kinda like him most days, so I don't really want to do that... unless I have to.

On the up side, my face has finally stopped peeling and as soon as the lobster red skin tone fades I think I'll have some damn fine skin (remaining). I did a little research and found out that it could have been worse, I could have looked like THIS immediatly after the peel. No the picture is not a peel gone wrong, she paid $1500 for that to be done by her dermatologist AND that is how it was SUPPOSED to look.

I dyed my hair tonight; nothing drastic, just making the color as God intended it to be. Honestly after the face thing, I was a little scared...
I'll let you know if all of my hair falls out.

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