Sunday, October 16, 2005

DIYS... Some people never learn!

Remember my do-it-yourself home bikini wax project? Well you would think I'd learned something, but appearently I haven't.
I bought myself a facial chemical peel (because I want to be the hottest grandma on my block). All was going fine. I applied the chemical as directed. The following day comes and no peel, no results... I reread the directions and it said a second application may be needed if nothing happened after three (3) days. Well, time is relative, 24 hours/72 hours, no big difference really... and I had applied the first peel pretty sparingly. So I reapplied it. Later that night, because I care about my skin, I applied moisturizer like I do every morning and night. It really stung over my eyelids, weird.
Today is what would have been day 4 of the first peel, it's working!
My moisturizer carried the peel over my eyelids and across my lips :(
my lips are so cracked at the corners that I can barely open my mouth (husb is laughing his ass off as I type), and my eyes are nearly swollen shut... I look like a leeper as the skin comes off of my eye lids (and cheeks, chin, forehead) in thick chunks.
I told my husband if he didn't quit laughing I wasn't going to send the home vacsectomy kit back!
I really gotta start paying retail for this shit....

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