Friday, September 30, 2005

Taking some ME time

I used to do pilates every day... I felt wonderful, I was more toned, my back quit hurting and I could do crazy things like touch my toes!
I've been so busy with the shop, with the kids, with the grandmonster, that I've completely neglected myself for the past year, but I'm taking my ME time back and getting back to it.
Today I was shopping for clothes and realized that I've got "Junior" taste and a "Misses" ass, it's time to get toned back up! Yes, I am vain and am not ready to trade in my Ambrocrombie low rise jeans for a pair of navy blue double knit granny pants....
So today I reclaimed my ME time, 60 - 90 minutes each day to work on my inside (meditation and breathing) and my outside (pilates and this universal gym that I've been using as extra closet space for the past year!)
'scuse me now, I've got some prespiring to do!

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