Friday, September 16, 2005

A piece of the puzzle falls into place...

My sister and I learned a name a couple of weeks ago... the name of our brother whom we've never met. My sister and I did not meet until we were adults as well. Last night we received an e-mail from "the brother" and it was wonderful... today I feel more complete.
This is like a part of the story, but in real time. Meg wrote more about it too!
The things I like best about meeting siblings as an adult:
* I didn't have to share my toys
* No shared baggage to get in the way of developing a good relationship
* I've never gotten into a sib fight
* No bunk beds
* No hand me down clothes
* No sibling rivalry
* No waiting for the bathroom
* No teen crushes on brother's friend, sister's b/f
* No grudges
All of this and no need to go on a talk show...
Honest to God, I really think if you are going to have brothers and sisters, this is the way to do it!

The entire history is complex, but it continues to play out exactly as it was intended to... everything happens for a reason and there is a plan to life and if we are patient, we can see it working. Of all of the "mistakes" we think we make, my story is living proof that there really are no mistakes... there are only paths, journeys and experiences. If you wait long enough, all of them are good!

*My thanks to all of those who made this gift possible*
You know who you are

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