Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Our Little Cat Burgler Got In!

Today at work I got a text message "I just got into the safe!".
I called home when I got the message and the conversation went like this: (somewhat abbreviated)
ME: Hey you got into the safe, huh?
HIM: (proudly) Yup!
ME: How did you do it?
HIM: I remembered the combination!
ME: Really... What is it?
ME: Yep, that's it!
HIM: How would you know???
ME: I've had it for weeks! (pause) How do you think all that stuff from INSIDE of the safe got on top?
HIM: You.... what?
ME: Go look on top of the safe... (him walking) See the coin holder, with the combination written on it?
HIM: You're a bitch... (suspicious) you haven't been blogging this have you?
ME: Oh honey... I would never blog something like this (innocent voice)
HIM: Good!

Cindy... I think you won fair and square! e-mail me (emily@myaddictions.com) a snail mail address as I'll get your trendwhore off to you as soon as they arrive!

Gee that was fun!

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