Sunday, September 18, 2005

In case you don't already think I'm a nut...

Just in case you think I'm a bit off my rocker... this should confirm it.
I saw a Medium yesterday. It was an amazing experience and quite different than what I expected. I do have my cards read occasionally, but this was completely different. If you've ever watched John Edward, the reading was very similar to how he works. She touched on so many things, both current and past that I was amazed.
She focused just over my shoulder and it seemed she was doing a fair amount of listening. She didn't ask me any questions or try to get me talking at all, as a matter of fact I did very little talking through the entire session. She knew things that only those I am intimatly involved with would know. She offered family insights, many of which were merely an affirmation of what I already knew. She told me that three people come around me often.... My Father (whom she said was a very hard worker and I am alot like him), My Grandmother on my Fathers side (whom I barely remember, but she says she is with me alot) and Megs adoptive Mother, whom I am not related to but she aids me in accomplishing goals that Meg and I have in common and she knows me through Meg.
She knew how my father passed away, she said she "feels something over the chest area, I am having a difficult time breathing from it" He passed of a sudden, massive heart attack. She assured me that my Father is happy now, that he was so unhappy in life that he is glad to be well again. She said that when I smell cologne (and no one is near wearing it) that it's him (and that has happened before on several occasions).
She knew family details that I wont go into here, but if you are related and want to know more... e-mail me and I will share, it will blow you away. She knew about us finding our brother and offered some insights there as well. She said my family is going through a huge growth spurt and we are communicating in ways we never thought possible. She saw that I have been praying more and getting more in touch with my spiritual side and that I am just now discovering my purpose in life. She said that I am a "light worker" and that light workers are have some shared attributes... one is that they have always felt "different", many have had a rough childhood but that it did not damage them, rather they looked to their experiences as opportunities for growth and understanding. She said that I am finding that my purpose (as a light worker) is to help other people heal; physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I wore long sleeves and my hair down so my tattoos and piercings did not show yet she knew that I was surrounded by art at work, and that my art is a form of helping others heal. She said I need to work on nurturing my inner child, who has been ignored for, well... forever really. And that I need better defined boundries because sometimes I give, which is Ok as long as I give without the expectation of receiving something in return (like receiving credit for the gift, or as a means to win approval) and that my "gift" does not leave me in a bind.
She said to trust my instincts and not let my brain downplay what my spirit knows.
She said I need to communicate with "my partner" better, because things bother me (alot) and I never address them and that it is hurting the relationship (also true).
It was an amazing experience, I cried through damn near the entire thing. She knew things about me that no one could know...

On another note, I received another e-mail from my brother, the last paragraph was great:
"I cant tell you how much I enjoyed your letters. Someone at work said to me on Friday do you want to hear something wild, I said is it wilder then finding out that you have two sisters and one of them owns a tattoo shop. He said no it not that wild. I had a good internal laugh!"

I think we will get along just fine!

Well if you suspected I was a wack job, here's your confirmation.... but if you ever get the opportunity to visit with a true medium, you really should, it will floor you.

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