Sunday, September 04, 2005

If you think the safe prank is bad....

Living with me isn't easy...
When we lived in the country we had a small mouse problem. We never saw the little guy, but we found evidence of him from time to time. You could tell where he had been because he would stash cat food in hidden places around the house. The three oldest kids were in High School and daughter #2 is pretty level headed and is difficult to unfrey. I started putting bits of cat food in her coat pocket one day. Eventually she mentioned that the mouse was getting into her coat, but she was completely unfazed and she continued to wear the coat (her letterman's). While at the feed store, I found a tiny mouse made of rabbit fur... it looked and felt just like a mouse, well, more like a dead mouse really. After several days of "feeding" daughter # 2's coat, one day I put the furry mouse in her pocket.
On her way to school, she put her coat on and reached into her pocket for the truck keys and she pulled out the keys without a word about the mouse... I was a little disappointed that she somehow missed the mouse. The day went on and I totally forgot about the prank in progress until I got a call from the school. Daughter was sent to the office for screeming and "inappropriate language" while in class. The school very much wanted an explaination from me for her behavior...
That school hated me by the time all five kids were done with school.

*I wrote the combination to the safe on the paper in the coin holder and left it in plain view on top of the safe*

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