Thursday, September 22, 2005

The first sentence of a good story is always the most difficult...

**So I was taking nekkid pictures of my daughter to post on the internet... um, no that doesn't sound right.
**So my daughter was taking a bath, and I grabbed the camera... no.
**Just after sprinkling fresh rose petals over my bathing daughter...
Shit, there really is no good way to tell you about about my daughters HNT.

After taking my daughters HNT photo (her idea, not mine), I reached over to move the candle so she wouldn't get hurt getting out of the tub; remember, I DIDN'T want her to get hurt.
What you cannot see in the picture is one more candle and a glass vase sitting on a glass shelf directly above her head.
Well... I ACCIDENTLY dribbled hot wax across her while moving the 1st candle. Apologizing and putting the candle back on the shelf, the shelf SOMEHOW fell (jumped really) from the wall and crashed down on her head. (Stop laughing... it's not funny *snerk*).
These are the resulting injuries and a bonus HNT!

Just before the "incident", all is happy and good...

Hot wax still in her hair, coating the lump on her head...

Cut on the back of her neck, right next to the tattoo...

Multiple scraps from the glass shelf across her shoulder, I'm sure some are bruises by today (Of course I'll try to get pictures of any bruising!)

And I don't care what she posts on her blog, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!
As you know, if I blogged it first, my story MUST be how it really happened!

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