Friday, September 09, 2005

Everyone's a Comedian!

So the artist who was covering my Z-100 logo was let go last year...
I showed my HNT to one of my very talented artists to see what he thought he could cover this with. His answer?

Today was pretty cool, and if you own a business or will own one soon (DC), the program I'm involved in should be kept in mind.
We are now working with the local community college who has a jobs program for those on public assistance. We get one of these clients after going through an interview process, for a period of 3-9 months, 35 hours a week. They are paid by the state in trade for us providing a work opportunity for the client. We train them to do non-licensed duties such as bookkeeping, clerical, light janitorial, customer service ect. They get to use us as a reference, we get free help.
It's a Win-Win, how often does *that* happen in business?

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