Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Where is Theresa?

Often on nights that I cannot sleep I lay and think about Theresa. I wonder how she is, I wonder where she is.
Theresa and I met when I was 10, she was 8. We were both in the same foster home for a time. In a positive light, I learned that no matter what life tosses your way, there is always someone who has had to bear more, so feeling sorry for yourself was futile. I learned to move on and be thankful that my lot was better. Theresa was one of those people who had to bear so much more than I. She and her brother were removed from their home because of an abusive step father. He also sexually molested Theresa, she was just a child.
Now some foster parents are wonderful, caring people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to others. Some foster parents should not be parents at all. This was one of those homes. After being in this home together for several months, Theresa confided that our foster father was molesting her. At first, I did not believe her. To prove it to me, one day we hid in the hay loft and she said he would come along soon and hide candy under a rock for her, a trade for her services. Sure enough in a few moments he came by with a bite size candy bar and he hid it behind the rock. That night Theresa and I ran away from home. I forced her to go with me. My plan was that we would live with my Father in Spokane, he would never do something like that to a child. I was also scared for myself as I did not want to ever be in her position. The foster home was some 30 miles away from Spokane and we were picked up about half way to our destination, the police took us back to the foster home. No one believed me when I told what had happened, and Theresa was so scared, she denied it.
Upon our return, the foster father made several comments to me about getting me alone, I ran after each comment and was eventually moved to a different home for being such a problem, but I left with my pride and my virginity.
Before I was moved, Theresa’s parents gave up their parental rights. That foster family was making plans to permanently adopt Theresa and her brother.
Often, late at night, when I cannot sleep, I lay here and wonder what ever became of Theresa and her brother, I wonder if they are safe, if they are whole, if they survived.

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