Friday, August 12, 2005

The Summer of '79

When you’re 16/17, the only thing better than running away from home is doing it with someone who you are good friends with, someone with a few more bucks than you have, someone with a car. Yes, I ran away from home with my Mom...
Relationship trauma is among the worst... and sometimes you’ve just gotta hit the road. Unfortunately my Mom had been in that position, fortunately it turned into my first true adventure. We were living on the west coast and were about to strike out on a road trip to the center of America. Our intention was to move and start a new life. We spent the summer at my Aunt's while we were getting on our feet.
I was between my Junior and Senior year of high school and had a few reservations about picking up and moving... but the great thing about being a teenager is that reservations are easily cancelled.
I liked my school, had a few friends, a job at a pizza shop and the dorkiest boyfriend that only a mother could love...
I gave it all up with the intention of a move to Missouri.
Yes Missouri.
It ended up being close to a round trip by the summers close, the west coast is really my home and at the end of summer I was glad to be back.
It was the late 1970's and so many things were different then. For example, my kids watch “That’s 70's show” and they have questioned some of the scenes... like the kids getting into a bar. Yes, that did happen in the 70's. I’d never been asked for ID until I was in my mid 20's.
I love my Mom, she’s no June Cleaver for sure. She was an adventurer, she was fearless and she was willing to let me see that she was a real person, not perfect, but real. Because I’d never lived with her until my teens, in a lot of ways she was my mother, but in a lot of ways, she was my friend. She was definitely the hippest mom on the block.
In the picture above... we're waxing the Chevelle, gotta look good when you're on a road trip!
I'm on the car, Mom is doing all of the work and I have no idea whose elbow that is... God I loved that car!

Grandmonster is awake... more on this adventure in a day or two! :)

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