Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sorry it's come to this...

I am all for the freedom of speech and God Bless advertising (spoken like a business woman for sure)... but with every post, I am deleting blog spam.
Is nothing sacred?
My blog, my cyber brain... the place I think out loud.
My blog is my friend, my therapist, my fiction and my truth, and now it's been invaded with sales pitches for everything from home loans to porn (neither are bad if you're in the market for it, but it's intrusive if you're not).
I think anonymous comments can serve a useful purpose and for that reason I've always welcomed them...
But effective immediately, folks will need a blog to comment to keep my spam level down.
Should you ever feel the need to legitimately leave an anonymous comment on my blog, I suggest starting a new blog temporarily and commenting under a false name. If I'm supposed to know who you are, I'll be able to figure it out and it will be our little secret.

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