Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sentry charged me 12 bucks, I'm getting my money's worth!

*(new update at the bottom of this post!)*
The numbers have been dialed in...
all he has to do is pull the safe handle up and it's open! He usually messes with it a little before bed (the safe... *jeeze*... get your minds out of the gutter people!).
We'll see what happens. If he opens it, it will be fun to see if he can figure out how he did it :)
but then again, he might spin the dial and mess the whole thing up... any guesses on when William will "crack" the safe???
Just to make it interesting, the person who comes closest (date and time) will receive one TRENDWHORE bracelet!!

Yes, I did some on-line shopping today...

*if you haven't seen it yet and need an update on the safe saga, see the previous post*

Update 8/30 9:30 pm ~ The dial has been spun, so he played with it and struck out!!! He knows the last number of the combination... it's just the others he's forgotten. I've reset the safe and it's currently unlocked, the dial is still on the last number, we will see if he notices and tries the handle. We also took one small item OUT of the safe and set it on top of the safe, just to give him a little hint. If he doesn't have it in 24 hours, we will pull another item out of the safe and leave it on his nightstand!
Those who have guessed a time for Tuesday that has already passed may guess another time if they want!!!

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