Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Most Days...

Most days I try to find a few minutes to blog... just a quick post if nothing else. A few minutes away from "real people" to cuddle with the key board and find a few moments of me...
It seems I haven't been able to find those selfish few minutes over the last couple of days, and now that I have them, it seems I've got nothing much to say.
I do have a few rants... but nothing much is new.
The rants are:
* Dealing with the maternal instinct to torture and mame anyone who makes my kids cry (daughter was talking w/ex b-f, father of the grandmonster... he was an ass to my baby and I wanted to take out a hit on him. Still might, but I figure I should sleep on it- *note to the FBI: I'm just kidding*).
* The frustration of getting my hands on Sudafed from an Oregon pharmacy, it's easier to just buy meth... which probably wouldn't work on my allergies (more on this another day... when I declare "war" on our government declaring "war" on friggen everything and expecting honest folks to foot the bill....-blah, blah, blah-).
* My growing dis-satisfaction with day to day doldrums... I think I need a hobby or maybe to take a class, I feel like I'm stagnating.
* The knowledge that some things never change... I'm still long winded, even when I've not got anything to talk about.

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