Monday, August 01, 2005

A Monday by any other name....

I'm not complaining but it seems that no matter what you do for a living, no matter how much you like it, Mondays are still Mondays....
Today I hit the ground running... two daughters and a grandson spent the night last night so I had a houseful when I woke up.
I couldn't sleep as Wm volunteered for an overtime night shift, who in their right mind volunteers for such stuff? At night none the less... When he worked nights I couldn't sleep because he was gone, I finally get used to it, and he changes shifts (of course then I couldn't sleep because he was there).
I fall asleep around 4:00 am, at 6:00 the cat decides he needs to pee, he won't go in the closet like a normal cat, he has to wake me up instead so he can go on our geriatric dog's puppy pad (not the cat box, cause he's weird).
At 9:00 I'm up, drinking coffee from the "big" cup and trying not to spill it on myself as my grandson pulls at my leg.
I'm at work by noon and have the grandson w/me as my daughter's Dr. appointment went over. One artist has called in sick, he left a message on my voice mail, so I have no time to find anyone to cover. The other artist rolls in at 12:30 and it's just she and I today.
Audra picks the grandson up as the rush hits.
Today is the first of the month and we live in the state capitol... everyone is Salem either works for the state or is on welfare (OK maybe I over exaggerate), but after being broke the last two weeks, everyone has money today.
Most of the tattoo studios in town are closed on Sunday and Monday except us (because we are cool like that, I mean we pay rent 7 days a week, we might as well make money 7 days a week... yeah, I'm a slave driver).
I closed up shop at 8:00 after doing 18 piercings, got home and found that I have bills to pay, kids to feed (yep they are still here), laundry to wash... and the list goes on.
All I really want to do tonight is catch up on blogs... post something with some thought behind it, and enjoy some peace and quiet.
Maybe that's what Tuesdays are for...

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